2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 vs. C8.R: Here’s How the Race Car is Different

Road cars and their endurance racing counterparts may look alike, sometimes sharing body panels, headlights, and even engine architecture, but in general, the stripped out, lightened race cars you see competing at Le Mans and elsewhere are nothing like the vehicles you can go out and buy. Chevy says its Corvette C8.R, however, shares more parts with its production equivalent than any other Corvette race car to date. Though that may be true, the list of changes from road car to race car is still extensive. Let’s go over some of the biggest differences between the regular Corvette and the C8.R that will race in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.

Running Gear

Let’s start with the engine. Motivating the road-legal Corvette is the now familiar 6.2-liter pushrod V-8 codenamed LT2—updated from LT1 in the C7—for 2020. The powerplant makes 495 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque when equipped with the optional performance exhaust. The C8.R on the other hand makes 500 horsepower (no word on torque) from its 5.5-liter DOHC V-8. These two engines are basically polar opposites. The V-8 in the race car has overhead cams and a shaft, which together allow it to rev higher and breathe better. One result of this is its much higher specific output. The LT2 retains the same basic overhead-valve design that GM small blocks have used for decades, and its cross-plane crank means it won’t rev as high as the race car. Though peak torque arrives at a relatively high 5,150 RPM, the LT2 will make most of its torque down low in the rev range. The engine in the race car is more than likely tuned for high-end power to help deliver maximum punch down the long straights of a track.

Both engines feature dry sump lubrication, direct injection, and are unaugmented by turbos, superchargers, or electric motors of any kind. The transmissions, however, are very different. The LT2 in the regular ‘Vette is mated to an eight-speed dual-clutch unit by Tremec, but the C8.R features an Xtrac six-speed sequential racing gearbox. Dual-clutch transmissions are quick, but the six-speed sequential in the race car is likely even faster.


Like the C7 and the C7.R, the two versions of the C8 Corvette share a wheelbase—107.2 inches. Unlike the last-gen car, the C8 and C8.R also share an overall length of 182.3 inches. They are different in every other dimension, however, especially weight. When MotorTrend weighed the C8 Stingray with the Z51 performance package it came in at 3,587 pounds, a gain of 151 pounds over the C7 Stingray. The C8.R is a featherweight by comparison. Chevy quotes a weight of just 2,733 pounds for their mid-engine racer. The race car is also 4.6 inches wider and 3.4 inches lower than the standard Corvette.

9 thoughts on “2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 vs. C8.R: Here’s How the Race Car is Different

  1. John Rutherford says:

    You all do an amazing job. Thanks for the entertainment. Especially during this virus thingy mibobber. Lmao . Can’t wait to see c8 wrap. From the small town of lawn pa this is John signing out😂

  2. Joel Berger says:

    I have wanted a corvette since 1963. It’s just an Awesome American Icon. I’m 62 and still haven’t stopped admiring, desiring and dreaming of owning one. The C8 and the C7 ZR1 are both absolutely amazing machines. As far as the V8 and the flat cross-plane differences in the C8, I don’t think the average driver will notice the difference, at least until the car gets a boost in a ZR1 platform. I’ve never won anything in my life. Turning things positive, winning a C8 would make an incredible addition to my garage. Well, to my garage and to my life. It is a machine that even though on disability I could never afford, I recognize that it is an unbelievably low price for what you get. Critics try to give poor reviews because it doesn’t have this or that and it is a Ferrari want to be, but bang for the buck! Come on! It gives so much all around that Americans should be proud of It. Let’s make America, Americans, American made great again!

  3. Glen McMillin says:

    I just wanted to thank you all. Not only do we get amazing opportunities to potentially win amazing vehicles. You all provide too quality merchandise and services. It truly speaks to the jobs you all do. Thank you

  4. chrisr671 says:

    That C8.R looks pretty sick! I was looking forward to the ZR1 package until I found out it would be an AWD electric hybrid variant. Wha?? Granted it should handle like none other, but vettes’ already handle great so I’m not too interested in AWD….I’d much rather have RWD only, but I suppose at 900+hp, it just makes sense to keep that power under control. And with electric assist, it should be an absolute rocketship.
    That said, the upcoming twin turbski Z06 is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

    Thank you Shane, Mike & everyone involved with the InShane Designs team! You guys have done (& continue to do) an outstanding job and I just wanted you to know that we really appreciate you!
    Take care,
    aka DronewolfMedia

  5. wavemanproduction says:

    The C8.R is a beast. I hope the Z06 looks like that.
    The isn’t about the stingray or C8.R but here’s a side note about the C8 Z06. I hope they find a way to make the back end a bit less awkward. It’s so long that it looks a bit off even though it’s still one of my favorite designs ever.

  6. Scott Johnson says:

    Love the trx knife, stylish and functional, i will carry with me from now on! Love to win the TRX, cant wait to see 717 on my phone, great guys, thanks alot………..hopin to win! Love It!

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